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Friday, January 20th, 2012

The Stuck Up Gallery Tour

This weekend, DB Burkeman unveils the 2nd installment of the Stuck Up Tour, a traveling exhibit that accompanies the meticulous ethnography of  Stuck Up Piece of Crap (Rizzoli), his book chronicling the history of sticker art in pop culture. Those in Chicago should brave the storm and head out to Maxwell Colette Gallery on Saturday Jan 21, for an afternoon (1-3pm)  book signing featuring DB and celebrated photographer, Martha Cooper.

Coinciding with the show are a number of exiting new additions. First, there’s the free  Stuck Up iPhone ap, which allows users to browse, upload and geotag stickers around the globe. It is a fascinating addition to the overall project. Next, a new video short called Gate Wars (watch below) presents a mesmerizing montage that weaves together a tale of competition and sticker rivalry amongst New York City’s locksmiths. It really is worth viewing. And don’t forget the swag! – go cop a truly cool t-shirt here.


Friday, November 5th, 2010

Progress in the Face of Disaster :: Josh Keyes @ David B. Smith

Emergence, 2010 (All images via David B. Smith Gallery, text © Jeff Newman/TheArtCollectors)

I’ve been an admirer of Josh Keyes since first seeing his work in 2007. Yet, though his drafting and painting skills have grown increasingly impressive from a steady schedule of two solo shows a year, the delicate subtlety of his messages has largely disappeared. It’s a shame really. With Keyes, less has always been more, and his move towards increasingly overt imagery has actually simplified his art.

Collision (on view now at David B. Smith, Denver) signals a promising progression for an talent whose lightning paced success may have temporarily stunted his artistic growth. Within a single painting Keyes concurrently blends his blatantly apparent messages with ones more clandestinely cloaked, making this new series his most successful in some time. And, while this new body of work continues to include easy to digest post-apocalyptic environmental themes, the most successful ones are covertly suggestive and intertwined in history.

The show also marks a new and ambitious direction for Keyes, in that the ten paintings on view form a chronological storyline. Based on a a set of allegorical images of  regicide and resurrection that Keyes found in a sixteenth-century set of engravings, this exhibit promises to be the first installment in a trilogy of works depicting the fall, disintegration, and reemergence of Keyes’ protagonist in the face man’s destruction of the planet and a post apocalyptic world.

Josh Keyes – Collision
Nov 5 – Dec. 11
Opening Reception: Nov 4, 7-10pm
David B. Smith Gallery
1543 A Wazee Street
Denver, CO 80202

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Thursday, November 4th, 2010

NYC Openings

The above Barbara Kruger print will be released at the Editions|Artist’s Book Fair in an edition of 200, priced at $200.

Here’s our picks for this week’s art openings in NYC.

Thursday, Nov 4
Robert Lazzarini – friendly-hostile-friendly, Paul Kasmin Gallery, 511 W 27 St., 6-8pm
FAILE – Bedtime StoriesPerry Rubenstein 527 W. 23 St., 6-8pm
Dzine  – Voodoo, Leo Koenig Projekte,  541 W. 23 St., 6-8pm
Editions|Artist’s Book Fair, 548 W. 22 St., preview 6-9pm ($20), Free Fri-Sun
John Currin – New Paintings, Gagosian, 980 Madison Ave., 6-8pm
Jenny Holzer – Retro, Skarstedt, 20 E. 79 St., 6-8pm

Friday, Nov. 5
Hiroshi Sugimoto – The Day AfterPace Gallery, 545 W. 22 St., 6-8pm
Matthew Monahan – Anton Kern, 532 W. 20 St., 6-8pm
Andy Warhol – Warhol’s Andys, Ronald Feldman, 31 Mercer St., 6-8pm
NY Art Book FairPS1, 22-25 Jackson Ave,  Preview 6-9pm, through Sunday

Saturday, Nov. 6
Raymond Pettibon –Hard in the Paint, David Zwirner, 525 W. 19 St., 6-8pm
Luc Tuymans – Corporate, David Zwirner, 525 W. 19 St., 6-8pm

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Monday, July 12th, 2010

Barry McGee + Todd James Reunite in Copenhagen

Brush Strokes, a joint exhibit from Barry Mcgee (under his Lydia Fong moniker) and Todd James opened this past weekend at V1 Gallery, Copenhagen. Though there are only a couple of collaborative moments, the themes explored by the two long time friends are a perfect match. Mcgee’s street photography and tag-like block lettered text paintings act as a crucial declaration of identity alongside confusing geometric patterns that mimic the mind numbing, dumbing down effects of constant entertainment and media bombardment. Laying somewhere between Saturday morning cartoons and a Noam Chomsky dissertation, the happy faced war planes, bloody sword wielding tanks and gumball filled soldiers of Todd James’ cartoon drawings provide a darkly satirical commentary on the culture of violence and militarism spoon fed by western media in easily digestible packages.

This is not the first time McGee and James have show together. In 200o the two worked with fellow graffiti turned gallery artist, Stephen Powers (ESPO) on their Indelible Market installation at the University of Pennsylvania Institute of Contemporary Art. The trio expanded the concept for Street Market, a large scale exhibition with Deitch Projects the same year, and were later reunited for the Beautiful Losers museum exhibitions.

Up next for McGee – Looks like he’ll be coming to New York soon 😉

Read on for images from the show… Read the rest of this entry »

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Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

Pop Will Eat Itself :: Lichtenstein’s Still Lifes at Gagosian

(All photos: Jeff Newman/TheArtCollectors)

Though Roy Lichtenstein is most remembered for his pioneering contributions to the early American pop movement of the 1960s, he continued to make new art up to the 1990s. From 1972 – 1986 he produced a large body of painting and sculpture that can be described as pop still-lifes. Technically, these were rendered in the same style of his popular comic-book based art, mimicking mechanical methods of production through the use of vivid primary colors, sharp lines, and his trademark simulation of the Ben-Day printing process. Thematically however, Lichtenstein’s subject matter veered away from mass culture and the recreation of commercial imagery. In place of D.C. comic panels we find the objects of traditional still life painting like fruits, vases or items arranged on tables.

Make the mistake of reading too carefully, and you might think there was some grand message here – that in the same way mass media has, the stuff of these works too has become part of our collective consumer conscience. However, like the rest of his art, Lichtenstein was quick to question any profound reading of this series, noting, “When we think of still lifes, we think of paintings that have a certain atmosphere or ambience. My still life paintings have none of those qualities, they just have pictures of certain things that are in a still life, like lemons and grapefruits and so forth.”

For a body of work whose deeper meaning even the artist was quick to denounce, this is truly a site to behold. In the first exhibition devoted entirely to this series, Gagosian Gallery’s presentation of some fifty still lifes is one that rises to museum standards and deserves to outlive its summer gallery viewing. That being said, reflecting on his art with John Coplans in 1972, Lichtenstein remarked, “I don’t think that whatever is meant by it is important to art.”

Roy Lichtenstein – Still Lifes
Gagosian Gallery
May 8 – July 30
555 West 24th Street
New York, NY 10011

(All text and photos: Jeff Newman/TheArtCollectors)


Thursday, June 10th, 2010

The Hole Opens for Business

After keeping the art geeks guessing, the official word on former Deitch directors Kathy Grayson and Meghan Coleman’s hit the masses today via the Wall Street Journal. On June 26 The Hole will open its doors at 104 Greene St. with the playfully titled, Not Quite Open for Business. With so much excitement over the shape of things to come, we’re eager to see who the pair have selected for their much-anticipated inaugural group show. So far, WSJ reports future exhibits with Mat Brinkman, Kenny Scharf and Dearraindrop, as well as several side projects including a back-room shop and a dating service for artists.

Our sincere congratulations go out to Ms. Grayson and Ms. Coleman as they take the plunge.

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Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

Ed Templeton Rising

Internationally recognized for his painting, drawing, sculpture, and photography, skate-icon and artist Ed Templeton has several significant projects in the works.

Most immediately, Templeton opens a new photo exhibit at Roberts + Tilton (Los Angeles) this Friday, Feb. 26. The works on display are culled from the artist’s personal archives, and were shot spontaneously from the inside of cars over a span of 15 years. Speaking of the project, Templeton says, “I never went out driving just to shoot pictures. Each one of these was shot going from point A to point B for some other reason, organically; they represent the in-between. Most of it is from my frequent visits to LA from my home in Huntington Beach, 1 hours’ drive south. But there is also a lot from taxi rides in Paris, Moscow, London, Barcelona, and St Petersburg.”

Next up , Templeton’s photography will be included in the 2010 Photography Biennial at MAMAC (Liege, Belgium), which runs Feb 28 – April 25. Lastly, his first solo museum exhibition, The Cemetery of Reason, opens at S.M.A.K. (Municipal Museum of Contemporary Art) in Ghent, Belgium on April 2, and will include works across multiple disciplines.

Ed Templeton – The Duality of Femininity, 2009 (Courtesy of Roberts + Tilton and Tim Van Laere)


Monday, February 15th, 2010

John Matos Crashes Down in Paris

CRASH (John Matos), Tin Machine 3, 2009 (All Image: © Addict Galerie/John Matos)

Born in the Bronx in 1961, John CRASH Matos is widely know as a pioneer of NY subway graffiti, and one of the first of his kind to transition into fine art. By 1980, Matos had abandoned streets and trains in favor of gallery walls, and gained fast recognition with his first solo show at the famed Sidney Janis Gallery in 1983, and exhibiting alongside Basquiat and Keith Haring. His works are held in countless prominent collections including the Museum of Modern Art NY, Keith Haring Foundation, Stedelijk Museum, Neumann Family Collection, Rubell Family Collection, and the Collection of Dakis Joannou.

For Tin Machines, his current exhibition at Addict Galerie (Paris), Matos’ conjures up early inspirations with canvases that evoke the subway cars of his youth. Presented alongside these new works are enlarged photos documenting his legendary graffiti, offering a time capsule and link to his ephemeral roots. While most others attempts are questionable, here is one of the rare instances of a graffiti writer whose movement into fine art is warranted, and whose accomplishments in both worlds have been rightfully heralded for their historical significance.

CRASH – Tin Machines
Jan 30 – March 3
Extension from March 16 – 23
Addict Galerie
14/16 rue de Thorigny
75003, Paris

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Thursday, November 12th, 2009

McGee and Frost to Inaugurate Prism Gallery


Curated by RVCA/ANP founder, P.M. Tenore, Mind the Gap will present Barry McGee and Phil Frost side by side, signaling an impressive inaugural show for PRISM Gallery in Hollywood, CA.

McGee and Frost share a close history of collaboration and artistic development. The two artists are amongst the earliest with street roots to cross over into the fine art world, both with representation in highly respected galleries. This will be their first major joint installation effort since 2007’s Family Tree show (also with Creg R Stecyk) at RVCA/VASF. In 2003, they made their major L.A. gallery debut together (alongside Thomas Campbell) with Scribble and Scripture at Roberts and Tilton, Los Angeles.

McGee also has a new monograph due out early next year.

More to come…..

Barry McGee & Phil Frost – Mind the Gap
Nov. 20 – Feb. 20, 2010
Preview Dates: November 12th – 19
PRISM Gallery
8746 West Sunset Blvd.
West Hollywood, CA 90069


Sunday, November 8th, 2009

14 Artists at New Image

Richard Colman

14 Artists opened this weekend at New Image Art in Los Angeles, including works by Richard Colman, Erik Foss, Jordin Isip, Cleon Peterson, and Judith Supine.

Erik Foss


Judith Supine

Paul Wakers

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