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the art collectors » Hot Glue and Hot Dogs :: Kenny Scharf & Dearraindrop at The Hole

Thursday, October 28th, 2010

Hot Glue and Hot Dogs :: Kenny Scharf & Dearraindrop at The Hole

Kenny Scharf & Dearraindrop – Cosmic Cavern Hole (installation view) –  (All images via The Hole)

For their fourth exhibition, The Hole continues to push beyond the stuffy confines of traditional white wall presentation with a collaborative exhibition between influential pop-artist Kenny Scharf and the emerging art collective Dearraindrop. Heralded for his contributions to the NY pop-art scene  of the 1980s, the show not only exemplifies Scharf’scontinued influence on a new generation of artists, but his ongoing active participation from within such movements. Hot Glue Hullabaloo promises to be a playful and electrifying hot mess of mixed media installations, fusing the artists’ affinity for comic book art, technical painting, found trash, and crafts. Join the party tonight from 6-9pm.

Kenny Scharf – Hot Dog in Space, 2010.

Joe Grillo, Laura Grant and Billy Grant – Mutant Pop, 2010.

Joe Grillo – Egyptian Paramount, 2010.

Kenny Scharf and Dearraindrop – Hot Glue Hulaballoo
Oct. 28 – Dec. 4
Opening Reception: 6-9pm
The Hole
104 Green St.
NY, NY 1012

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