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Thursday, April 16th, 2009

Phil Frost in “Hadiith”

Frost: KRUNK, Dubai

Phil Frost’s seminal collection in “Hadiith”, presented by KRUNK at Cuadro Fine Art Gallery in Dubai, is the culmination of years of laborious, methodical effort.

Frost’s signature correction fluid patterns appear as expected on canvas and baseball bat installations, yet it’s evident that an evolution has taken place. His highly personal stylized technique is pushed to mind-boggling proportions with large-scale works.

Ethereal layers of found paper are collaged on canvas and wood. Comics and newspapers are among the intricate elements involved in this painstaking process. The eye-popping details can only be appreciated up close.

There is an escalating ambition tempered by deliberate patience in Frost’s renditions. It’s not so unimaginable that it takes remarkably long to produce each and every piece, sometimes several years inside his studio.

Frost’s statement in this historic exhibition is resoundingly loud. Without hesitation, the paintings loudly proclaim his place in the pantheon of urban art – a titan in his own right, alongside the other legends in “Hadiith” – Futura and Stash. Most of all, the soulful heart Frost pounds into every inch is palpable across the entire collection.

The photos that follow are some of Frost’s virtuoso contribution to exhibition, presently on display at Cuadro.

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Wednesday, April 8th, 2009

KRUNK Updates on Dubai’s “Hadiith” Exhibition

Stash: Krunk, Dubai

KRUNK updates us via SlamxHype on the developments in Dubai’s “Hadiith”: Click here for the latest from Stash. Click here on the latest from Futura. A release will drop soon on the magnificent canvas and baseball-bat installations by Phil Frost, the other artist in the legendary trio contributing to the show in the exotic Middle Eastern playground for the wealthy. “Hadiith”, KRUNK’s second curatorial tour de force, is presented at Cuadro Fine Art. Cuadro will shortly become the city’s first museum of contemporary art, declared by the crown prince of the United Arab Emirates. Keeping its name when the evolution takes place, Cuadro will be allowed to live up to its full potential, as the space is nothing less than spectacular and is situated in the heart of the powerful Dubai Financial District.

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Wednesday, March 11th, 2009



KRUNK in collaboration with Cuadro Fine Art Gallery is proud to present a historic three-man exhibition in Dubai, featuring original works by urban art pioneers Futura, Stash and Phil Frost. On the pulse of the contemporary art world, KRUNK/Cuadro will provide foreign markets in the Middle East and beyond a rare opportunity to view and purchase extraordinary new collections by these world-renowned Contemporary Urban Artists. The show will launched by Cuadro during Art Dubai, the U.A.E’s contemporary art fair, which in only its third year has become a leader in the global art scene. A Collectors Lunch on Tuesday, March 17th and an evening Preview Reception on Thursday, March 19 will open the exhibition, and it will remain on view to the public until June 17, 2009.

The unprecedented exhibition represents the debut of KRUNK in Dubai, the cultural hotspot of the Middle East, and exposes never-before-seen works by Futura, Stash and Phil Frost to new audiences. Sharing a common interest in innovating unusual avenues in the contemporary art market, KRUNK partnered with Cuadro, one of the largest and the most prestigious galleries in the Middle East, to create a dynamic platform for representing artists in today’s global art community. The exhibition breaks the mold, reaching beyond cultural and national boundaries to present these notable Contemporary Urban Artists in an unparalleled forum and show their work alongside leading Middle Eastern and International artists. Utilizing Cuadro’s cutting-edge space and latest design concepts for displaying fine art, a site-specific installation will be rendered by Futura for this landmark event. Music and film backdrops will heighten the viewing experience and the exhibition will feature a soundtrack by acclaimed producer and electronic musician Damian Taylor using recorded samples of Futura at work. “KRUNK breaks with tradition, and this show is aimed at reaching new audiences. These legendary artists will have the opportunity to connect with an exciting emerging market as part of international art fair in Dubai. It is our pleasure to be presenting Futura, Stash and Phil Frost on this unique stage.”

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Tuesday, February 17th, 2009

KRUNK :: The Wonderful World of Donny Miller



In addition to its founding partnership with the legendary artist FUTURA, KRUNK is proud to be undertaking the next evolution of in the world of Donny Miller.

Miller, known as a brazen rule-breaking anomaly within the global art scene, is a perfect match to the rogue art showmen that are behind KRUNK. Spectacle, controversy and general destruction is to follow.

Most can only reflect on the history that FUTURA created. Now, the opportunity to witness history-in-the-making is upon us. Things will never be the same.

Keep an eye on http://madkrunk.com for further developments.

Contact: info@madkrunk.com

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Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009

GLIMPSE :: Everlast x Futura x KRUNK

Everlast x Futura

TAC had the pleasure of visiting Everlast’s new recording studio (in partnership with DJ Lethal), whereupon he took delivery of his Futura prints, released by KRUNK. Boston should be on the look-out for some very exciting events coming to town, involving Mr. Whitey Ford and gang…

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Thursday, December 18th, 2008

KRUNK::Futura Signing


Photographed by STASH, the venerable Futura signs the first silkscreen prints to ever be released in his multi-decade career. KRUNK is shipping out the pre-orders this week and the editions are now officially available online. More great images after the jump.

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Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008

KRUNK::Futura Prints Release Details


3 December, 2008. Official press release from KRUNK


Art collectors and print connoisseurs have two new objects of desire; a set of fine art limited edition prints (with a run of only 100 each) by celebrated contemporary urban artist Futura.
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Monday, November 24th, 2008

KRUNK::Futura Prints Release


KRUNK is releasing two seminal prints by Futura very soon. The pieces will be available online through the KRUNK website. Enlisted ‘mailing list’ members will be the first to be notified with the opportunity to purchase.

Details of the prints are as follows:

“Fornax Alpha” (Green)
17 colors: 3 blues, 5 greens, 4 blacks, and 5 whites
Edition of 100
Size: 36 x 40 inches
Signed, numbered and dated

“Helix Object” (Red)
19 colors: 6 reds, 4 blacks, 2 purples, 1 yellow, 3 grays, and 3 whites
Edition of 100
Size: 36 x 40 inches
Signed, numbered and dated

Keep an eye out for more information…

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Friday, October 17th, 2008

KRUNK: Futura, Strategic Synchronicity Website Update

fu_update: madkrunk.com

Wrapping up the Los Angeles experience, the KRUNK website is now updated with photography, and video, as well as a subtle face-lift. Keep checking back for updates to the collections section, where you will find info on where some of the artwork from the show has ended up.

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Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008

Futura_Strategic_Synchronicity_Los Angeles_2008.

KRUNK presents Futura: Strategic Synchronicity, Los Angeles, 2008.

Hours after wrapping up the whirlwind that was Strategic Synchronicity, I can finally take a moment to breathe. In the final minutes of the show, I took the time to take my own pictures.

As a partner in KRUNK, this was not only our first project but also Futura’s largest show ever. We are extremely proud that the response was nothing short of phenomenal. Thank you to everyone involved.

Contrasting most shots found on the web, these photos are taken moments before we started taking down paintings. Other places you’ll find coverage of the event are: Sour Harvest, Hypebeast, SlamxHype, VinylPulse, The Social Trust, The Gluttony, Metromix_LA, Juxtapoz, BBallJunkies, Gorilli, Quality Control, JB Classics Lab, Asketch, Frolab, etc.
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