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Thursday, September 16th, 2010

Tonight’s NY Openings

Matthew Day Jackson – The Tomb, 2010 (Image via Peter Blum Gallery)

It’s September again and here in New York that means the gallery season has begun. Here’s a few openings on our radar for tonight:

Marianne Boesky – Jay Heiks – Inanimate Life –  In creating this multimedia series of works that explore processes of evolution and regeneration, corrosion and decay,  Heikes was inspired by Douglas Coupland’s description of the year following the end of the world from his 1998 novel Girlfriend in a Coma. Heikes was particularly affected by the line “ten million pictures fall from ten million walls,” which alludes to the end of art and culture, as we know it. “I never put too much stock in the fact that any of these mediums were truly dying because I saw them as corpses dragging themselves through the streets to rehabilitation centers, only to be reborn more grotesque and perverse than before,” Heikes said in reaction to the text.

Peter Blum – Matthew Day Jackson – In Search of (Soho) / The Tomb (Chelsea) – The Whitney Biennial and Greater New York alum presents a new body of multimedia and sculptural works based on his 2009 residency and exhibition at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology List Visual Arts Center.

Morgan LehmanOpening Ceremony –  The gallery presents its inaugural exhibit in a brand new and expanded Chelsea exhibition space
The group show includes works by each of the gallery’s eighteen represented artists including Laura Ball, Eric Beltz, Andrew Schoultz, Paul Villinski, Paul Wackers, Ryan Wallace, and others.

Eric Beltz – Timber Beast, 2010 (Image via Morgan Lehman)

David Zwirner – John McCracken – New Works in Bronze and Steel – The esteemed sculptor of minimalist geometric forms presents his first bronzes alongside new stainless steel works.

Pace Galleries – 50 Years of Pace – The gallery celebrates its 50th year with a multi-site exhibition of some of the key masterpieces that have passed through their doors, featuring loans from important public and private collections worldwide. With works spanning more than a century and a selection of rare archival materials, the four separate exhibits will shed light on some of the landmark exhibitions and sales from the gallery’s extensive history. Covering the gallery’s engagement with Pop art, Abstract Expressionism, Minimalist Art and the Post-Modernist, to contemporary art in the 21st century, some artists included are Pablo Picasso, Robert Indiana, Ellsworth Kelly, Agnes Martin, James Rosenquist, Willem De Kooning, Mark Rothko, Mondrian, Giacometti, Roy Lichtenstein, Claes Oldenburg, Jasper Johns, Dan Flavin, David Hockney, Donald Judd, Sol LeWitt, Brice Marden, Duke Riley.

Bryce Wolkowitz – Airan Kang – Light Reading – The South Korean artist unveils her first U.S. solo show, presenting her “Digital Book Projec”t for the first time in New York.

FAILE Prints & Originals Book Launch and Show (151 Orchard St.) – The street art turned gallery duo open the doors to a temporary pop-up shop and sell hand-customized versions of their new book, along with a selection of long sold out and sought print editions.

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