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Tuesday, January 6th, 2009

TAC VAULT :: Barry McGee

It’s been quite a while since we’ve posted from the TACVault, featuring images from our members’ private collections. As collectors, while we do enjoy seeing art in museums and gallery spaces, there’s another level of excitement and joy that comes from experiencing the living spaces of fellow art ethusaists, and works of art that are otherwise gone from public view. Through TACVault, we hope to provide some insight into the collecting process, and an intimate look at the passionate and dedicated pursuits of art collectors. 

The above Barry McGee installation comes to us from one of our TACForum members. The individual pieces were acquired separately over a span of a few years. Two notable works include the man with tanktop, 2001 (upper left), which is featured in the Fondazione Prada museum calatog, and the torso man (bottom left), exhibited as part of a larger installation at the 2007 Watari-um Museum show in Tokyo.

We welcome images for inclusion in the TACVault. Please send images and relevant information to info@theartcollectors.com  If posted, we will keep your identity anonymous or credit you, depending on personal preference.

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  1. January 7th, 2009 at 7:51 am

    winston fairchild said:

    someday, You shall drink that bottle.

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