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Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

Poster Boy Slices Again


Just a few weeks after Poster Boy made headlines after being arrested, the subway ad slasher slices again, this time targeting the Museum of Modern Art, who recently launched a major ad campaign, dominating the Atlantic-Pacific subway station in Brooklyn. What is most peculiar is the accomplice who helped Poster Boy pull of the ambitious stunt.  New York Magazine reports that Doug Jaeger, the Happy Corp. marketing executive hired to create the advertisments, aided the illusive artist in accomplishing his 2am advertising remix. The pair entered the station in seemingly official MoMA jackets, along with hired models, professional lighting and a photographer, convincing MTA police of their official status.


In an interview with New York, Jaeger shared his reasoning:

“Early on we saw Poster Boy’s work, and we realized it was inevitable that if we did this project, his crew would likely see it as an opportunity….”I don’t know if [MoMA] like for me to be saluting it…but if someone who is getting acclaim as an artist does something to your campaign, does it make it less valuable or more valuable?”

Along with the cynically media-savvy, CBS Outdoor, the ad firm who installed the original campaign, were quick to accuse MoMA of corroboration – a claim the museum is firmly denying.  

Images: Doug Jaeger

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