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Thursday, February 12th, 2009

GLIMPSE :: Matt Furie @ New Image Art

Matt Furie participates in New Image Art’s upcoming show, The Fucking Crap of Life (alongside Megan Whitmarsh and CF), opening this Saturday, Feb. 21. We’ve been admiring Matt’s darkly humorous illustrations since our friend Cheryl (shameless shout out) first introduced us to him through the Giant Robot NY group shows she regularly curated. Rendering up the nostalgia of childhood movies, television, and even fast food, Matt has created a fantasy world where bat boys ride BMX, luck-dragons get their fur tagged, teenage monsters smoke cigarettes while playing video games, and Skeletor can bring out his feminine side.

Matt was nice enough to answer some questions for TAC, so on with the Q+A.

For those not familiar, who is Matt Furie?

I’m that kid in the back of the class half listening to the teacher while drawing swords and creatures in his notebook. Except nowadays I roll out of bed and draw pictures at my own desk in my underwear while listening to skinny puppy or terry riley or the smiths. I just bought this album called “Trans” by Neil Young and it’s pretty amazing. Listening to loud music and drawing weird shit all day is a gift from god.

Click through for the rest of our interview:

We met for the first time at Comicon last year. Is comic book culture something you identify with and have been into since a young age, or more something that you draw upon as an artist?

I’ve always been into the idea that comic book heroes are in a way America’s answer to mythology. I was into comics as a kid – The Maxx, Wolverine, X-Men, Eastman and Laird’s TMNT, stuff like that. I was actually more into comic cards than actual stories because I liked the iconic image of the superhero. I would draw pictures of comic guys and run around with my brothers and friends pretending to be them. I kind of grew out of the superhero comics and got into underground stuff like R. Crumb and Dan Clowes in college. Other stuff that i liked and still like include The Far Side, Beavis and Butthead, and Ren and Stimpy. I’m also into the newish Spider man movies.

What else do you draw inspiration from? What influences can you tell us about? Other artists?

I’m really looking forward to “Tales from Greenfuzz” # 3 by Will Sweeney. And if a new “Sof’ Boy” by Archer Prewitt ever comes out i’ll crap myself with joy!

Fill in the blanks: My art is _______.  No joke, ______ is seriously awesome.

My art is expensive. No joke, sex is seriously awesome.

Do you actively think forward about things you would like to experiment with or accomplish, or do you tend to go with the flow?

I passively think backwards about things i wish i could have done. j.k. Nowadays i check my email and get questions from folks like you so im thankful there is an interest in what im working on. I tend to go with the flow of my electronic mail.

Furious Clown Posse

What’s one thing you would like to accomplish with your art in the near future – creatively or professionally?

“Boy’s Club” # 3

Thanks Matt! Until then everyone should go buy Boy’s Club 1+2

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