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Wednesday, August 5th, 2009

Taschen Commemorates Julius Shulman

Julius Shulman – Pierre Koenig, Case Study House #22, from  Taschen’s Shulman Portfolio (1999). Image: Taschen

After the passing of Julius Shulman last month, art book publisher, Benedikt Taschen, has published a fitting homage to the hugely influential photographer of Modernist architecture on the Taschen website:

“Julius Shulman was one of the greatest photographers and image makers of the 20th century. Even in a biblical age he was an inspiration for generations of admirers, fans and friends. His house was open for everyone and thousands of pilgrims from all over the world came to see him, the man who created the visual memory of Modernism. He was a generous, kind and caring human being with a memory sharp as the latest generation of computers, recalling every trip he made and every photograph he took. I loved this man and I was blessed to have him as my friend and as a TASCHEN artist.”

Julius Shulman – Richard Nuetra, Singleton House, from  Taschen’s Shulman Portfolio (1999). Image: Taschen

Shulman and Taschen’s friendship shines through in this video at the photographer’s Los Angeles home. With the artist now gone, perhaps the best way to remember him is through Taschen’s several invaluable publications, beginning with the now out of print Julius Shulman: Architecture and Its Photography (1998) and continuing with Modernism Rediscovered (2000), which was later expanded to the definitive 2007 three-volume edition. Continuing his commitment to the artist, in 1999 Taschen released a limited edition portfolio set, comprised of 12 different limited edition framed prints, each in an edition of 60, numbered, titled and signed by Shulman. While some are still available on the Taschen site, expect to see a spark in interest.

In 1998 Shulman received a lifetime achievement award from the International Center of Photography in New York. He died on July 15, 2009 at the age of 98.


Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

In the Studio with Robert Longo

Image: Todd Selby/The Selby

As usual, the always crucial The Selby has posted another beautifully composed series of photographs intimately capturing creative individuals in their private and personal spaces, this time focusing on Robert Longo in his New York City studio. Check out the rest now.


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Monday, July 20th, 2009

Elizabeth Peyton Photography Book Signing


For those in NYC, Elizabeth Peyton will sign copies of her recent book Portrait of an Artist this Tuesday, July 22nd at 6pm at Dashwood Books, located at 33 Bond St. Peyton’s new publication focuses on her photographic portraits, first seen in the artist’s 2008 exhibition at the Adrich Contemporary Art Museum.

Not in New York? Live Forever, Peyton’s exhibit which premiered at the New Museum last year, is currently on view at Whitechapel Gallery in London and will travel to the Bonnefantenmuseum, in Maastricht, Netherlands this October.


Wednesday, June 24th, 2009

Subway Art 25th Anniversary Special Edition


There is no arguing the  pivotal roles Martha Cooper and Henry Chalfant played in the documentation of New York City hip hop and graffiti from the late 70s through the 1980s, and that their images have been just as crucial to these movements’ recent resurgence in popularity. Many of Cooper’s and Chalfant’s now iconic photos were collected in the 1984 publication Subway Art, limited to an initial run of 5000 copies. It has been in print ever since. To celebrate the book’s 25th anniversary, Thames and Hudson have produced an updated and expanded edition of Subway Art, along with a special limited edition of 100 copies produced in collaboration with Black Rat Press, including two signed photos by Cooper and Chalfant.

On Thursday, June 25, Black Rat Press welcomes Martha Cooper, Henry Chalfant and subway artist Blade to London for the official book launch of Subway Art: 25th Anniversary Edition. More info here

Cooper and Chalfant at Revolutionary Books, NYC signing in May.
Image: Joe Conzo via Martha Cooper

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Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

Richard Kern in NY


Richard Kern opens a new photo exhibit June 4, at Rental Gallery in New York. Come see who Vice and American Apparel got all their ideas from and then go home and spin SY’s Evol.

Richard Kern
June 4 -July 5 
Rental Gallery
120 E. Broadway
NY, NY 10001

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Friday, May 22nd, 2009

Last Chance :: Document at Paul Bright

Robert Jager

There’s still time to catch the current exhibit on display at Paul Bright Gallery in Toronto. Document focuses on the work of four American photographers, who each present new bodies of documentary photography focusing on our nation’s numerous and distinct subcultures, including Colb Katz’s images of children’s beauty pageants, Robert Jager’s intimate portrait of gang life, Naomi Harris’ revealing look at nudists, and Cheryl Dunn’s continued exploration of youth counter-culture. On view till May 30. Read through for more images. Read the rest of this entry »

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Thursday, May 14th, 2009

Shawn Mortensen Tribute

Image: Undefeated

Undftd’s Billboard Project pays tribute to the late photographer, Shawn Mortensen, whose prolific contribution to the visual identity of fashion, advertising, and music industries will live on beyond his years. Mortensen passed away early last month at the age of 45. The billboard can be seen above Undftd’s Los Angeles store at 112.5 S. Labrea, Los Angeles, CA. We applaud them for this fitting tribute.

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Friday, March 27th, 2009

A Moment of Clarity – Defending Danziger

Fairey and Garcia’s Obama images at Danziger Projects. Image: Sara Krulwich, The New York Times.

A number of stories have surfaced this week concerning wire photographer, Mannie Garcia’s, image of President Obama, which served as the basis for Shepard Fairey’s Obama Portrait. More than once we have read articles that accuse one NY gallery of seeking to profit from the media frenzy surrounding Fairey by selling prints of the photo for $1,200.  

On his own site this week, Fairey said, “The Garcia photo is now more famous and valuable than it ever would have been prior to the creation of my poster. With this factor in mind, it is not surprising, that a gallery in NYC is now (our emphasis) selling the Garcia photo for $1,200 each.”  In the last day Fairey’s statement has been reposted by several online sources, ranging from larger media outlets like The Huffington Post, to numerous smaller blogs.

In an article published in The New York Times, Noam Cohen states the following about the image in question: “Taken by Mannie Garcia while on assignment for The Associated Press in 2006, the picture is now (our emphasis) on sale at a Chelsea gallery in a limited edition of 200. The prints are going for $1,200 a piece, and at least one has been purchased by a fine-arts museum.”

A moment of clarity – The gallery in question, Danziger Projects, was actually the first to attribute Fairey’s portrait to Garcia, as they were researching a photography exhibition of media images covering the rise of Obama and his campaign. That exhibit, Can & Did, was on display at the gallery this past Jan. 20 – Feb. 28. To be clear, the availability of Garcia prints via Danziger predates the recent firestorm of press surrounding Fairey’s appropriation of it. While TAC firmly supports Fairey, his art and his legal battle with AP, it seems irresponsible to suggest that he himself is now the one being co-opted for financial gain. 

Hat’s off to Charlie Finch. Back in February he reflected on the situation for ArtNet, explaining, that it was in fact Danziger’s inquiries which led the Associated Press to claim rights to the image. Finch noted that the gallerist had already sold 29 copies of the print edition – before, not after countless media outlets began to report the controversy. In short, Danziger’s due diligence in crediting a photograph which appeared at his gallery sparked the current AP-Fairey legal battle and exponential rise in the image’s notoriety. That it would all come full circle and lead to accusatory fingers pointing towards his gallery is grossly misinformed and paints a story that is at its best inacurate, and at its worst defamatory. 

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Thursday, March 19th, 2009

Couples Do It Better :: Ed + Deanna Templeton in Europe

Installation view of Ed Templetons’ Strange New Feelings in Belgium.

Ed Templeton opens Strange New Feelings, a new solo exhibition of photographs, paintings, and sculpture, tonight, at Tim Van Laere Gallery in Antwerp, Belgium. (Thanks goes out to The World’s Best Ever for the reminder.)

Deanna Templeton is also currently showing a new body of photographs in Europe, at NRW-Forum, in Dusseldorf, Germany. In Scratch My Name on Your Arm, Templeton presents her series on body autographs.


Read on for more shots of Ed’s installation in progress.

Ed Templeton – Strange new Feelings
Opening Reception: March 19, 6-9pm – May 2
Tim Van Laere Gallery
Verlatstraat 23-25
2000 Antwerp, Belgium 

Deanna Templeton – Scratch Your Name on My Arm
April 4 – May 10
NRW-Forum Kultur und Wirtschaft
Ehrenhof 2, 40479 Düsseldorf, Germany 

All images via Ed Templeton.

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Tuesday, February 10th, 2009

Fairey Fires Back – Sues AP

Shepard Fairey was arraigned on public vandalism charges in Boston District Court, Monday, Feb. 9th. Image: Associated Press.

The Shepard Fairey media frenzy continues. Last Wednesday, the Associated Press issued a statement accusing Fairey of copyright infringement for appropriating one of their photos to create his famous Obama images. Then, on Friday evening, Fairey was arrested on two outstanding vandalism warrants, as he arrived to the opening night celebration of his museum survey at the Boston ICA.

While the AP has not officially filed suit against the artist, they have threatened legal action if not compensated and properly credited for the photograph in question,  Now, Fairey is fighting back with his own lawsuit, filed in Manhattan’s U.S. District Court on Monday, Feb. 9th.  The artist is aiming to clear his name through legal recognition that he did not violate any copyright laws and operated within the accepted confines of fair use by altering the original photo “for a highly transformative purpose…with new meaning, new expression and new messages.” Full transcript here

In response to Fairey’s filing, the AP issued yet another press release yesterday, stating:

“The Associated Press is disappointed by the surprise filing by Shepard Fairey and his company, and by Mr. Fairey’s failure to recognize the rights of photographers in their works. AP was in the middle of settlement discussions with Mr. Fairey’s attorney last week in order to resolve this amicably…At Mr. Fairey’s attorney’s request, we agreed AP would not pursue legal action while in these discussions. Despite an agreement to continue these discussions on Friday, Mr. Fairey’s attorney avoided contact, nor did he respond to an invitation to make contact over the weekend. Instead, he chose to file on Monday morning, without any notice to AP.

AP believes it is crucial to protect photographers, who are creators and artists.”

Clearly, Fairey’s lawsuit seems to be a preemtive strike against AP. Will the matter be settled amicably, or instigate AP to move forward with legal action of their own? Stay tuned….

More here:


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