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Monday, September 8th, 2008

Suzanne Sattler & Mel Kadel, Cinders Gallery

Although not able to make the opening Friday, The Art Collectors made sure not to miss Swirl of Swarm this weekend at perennial favorite Cinders Gallery in Williamsburg. The show features two illustrative artists, Suzanne Sattler and Mel Kadel. Sattler creates beautifully rendered pencil pieces that often depict ambiguously friendly/dangerous interactions between people and nature. Kadel’s colorful drawings on coffee stained paper focus on the relationships people have with each other and with themselves. Runs through Oct.5.

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Saturday, September 6th, 2008

Power and Currency at Factory Fresh

The inclement weather that caused the postponement of the Art Parade could not deter The Art Collectors from venturing out to Bushwick today to check out Power and Currency, which opened last night at Factory Fresh. The show, curated by collector and “Neo Grafitti” art consultant Natlie Kates, includes a diverse selection of works that examine the different meanings of the two concepts, by such notable artists as Aiko, D*Face, Tom Fruin, Gaia and Steve Powers.

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Wednesday, August 20th, 2008

Espo Waterboarding for Real

Photo: Sam Horine

Taking his animatronic Waterboard Thrill Ride peep-show one step further, Steve Powers (ESPO) conducted a real-life waterboarding demonstration at a private Coney Island location this past Friday evening. For eight seconds, the artist and three volunteer lawyers became victims of the controversial military interrogation technique, which many say constitutes torture. Check Artforum here for the full story. Below is a brief excerpt from the article.

“Powers, now hooded, was roughly guided to the inclined waterboarding table. (As Ritz explained afterward, the head is laid below the heart so that less water gets into the lungs, allowing the interrogators to prolong the procedure.) Ritz then stuffed a large black rag into Powers’ mouth, held the artist’s nose with one hand, and poured a steady flow of water onto the rag like a frat boy pours a pitcher of beer. After about eight seconds, Powers began to twitch and jerk on the table, and Ritz quickly removed the rag. Dazed and flushed, the artist was led out of the room.”

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Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008

BK:: Tod Seelie and Cinders – Slowdancing To Slayer

Slowdancing to Slayer, joins photographer Tod Seelie with arguably Brooklyn’s most relevant gallery. Since opening in 2004, Cinders has successfully maintained its DIY spirit, functioning as a purely artist-run space. While the show marks the first photo exhibit for the gallery, there couldn’t be a more fitting home for Seelie’s counterculture wonder-wasteland. Functioning as a “mini-retrospective” of sorts, the exhibit showcases a broad body of work, and serves as an autobiographical representation of the photographers recent travels, adventures, friendships, and artistic adventures. While some may dismiss images of young punks, seemingly shrugging off responsibility, what will be missed is the celebration of a young community, alive and shaping the world around them. More pics after the jump, better pics on the Cinders site. On view till August 9th – Do not miss this one.

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