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Friday, March 5th, 2010

Results in for Phillips de Pury Contemporary Evening Sale, NY

Lot 19. Steven Parrino – cab Noggin, 1988. Acrylic on canvas, 72″ x 72″ Sold: $458,500

Numbers are in for Phillips de Pury’s Contemporary Art Evening Sale. Held last night (3/4), amidst the buzz of Armory week, results were lukewarm. More than a third of the 34 total lots went unsold, with total sales reaching $2,192,850 (with all buyer’s fees). Here’s the rundown:

Phillips de Pury Contemporary Art Evening Sale, Thurs., March 4
All results include buyer’s premiums: 25% on the first $50,000, 20% on the portion of the price from $50,000 to $1,000,000, and 12% on any portion of the price     which exceeds $1,000,000.

Total Sale: $2,192,850
Lots Offered: 34, Sold: 22 (64.7%) Unsold/Withdrawn: 12 (35.3%)
Lots Exceeding High Estimate: 4 (11.76%),   Within Estimate: 18 (52.9%)
Results for 5 Highest Estimated Lots: Above Low Estimate: 3, Above High Estimate: 1, Unsold: 1

Kelley Walker – Black Star Press, 2005. Silkscreened chocolate on digital print on canvas laid on board, 36″ x 28″ each. Sold: $254,500

Highest Grossing Lots (with buyer’s premium)
1. Lot 11: $458,500 – Steven Parrino ($400,000-$600,000)
2. Lot 5: $254,500 – Kelley Walker (Estimate: $150,000-$200,000)
3. Lot 19: $206,500 – Tom Wesselmann (Estimate: $200,000-$300,000)
4. Lot 7: $176,500 – Doug Aitken (Estimate: $150,000-$200,000)
5. Lot 4: $146,500 – George Condo (Estimate: $80,000-$100,000)

Doug Aitken – i am in you, 2000. Video installation of five projections of three dvds. Sold: $176,500

View Complete Sale Results here

Phillips will hold its next NY sale tomorrow, March 6. With a focus on emerging artists and editions, NOW: Art of the 21st Century offers collectors opportunities at much more modest entry points.

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Monday, February 15th, 2010

Phillips de Pury London Contemporary Art Sale Results

Selling for $993,112 (before premium), Donald Judd’s Untitled (87-29 Studer), 1987 was the highest selling lot at Phillips de Pury’s Contemporary Art Day and Evening Sales in London this past weekend (Image © Phillips de Pury)

With this past weekend’s sales at Phillips de Pury, London, the last of the big three winter contemporary art auctions has winded to a close. Both day and evening sales failing to reach their low end estimates, with 37 (23%) out of 163 lots offered remaining unsold/withdrawn. The total sale across both auctions raised $10,096,428 (before buyer’s premiums), $738,427 (6.8%) below the combined low end estimate of $10,834,855.

Read on for our full analysis – Click Lot Numbers for Images and Details Read the rest of this entry »

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Monday, February 15th, 2010

Christie’s London Post-War and Contemporary Art Auctions

A Christie's employee inspects Yves Klein's Relief éponge (RE 47 II). Selling for $8,329,329 (before buyer's premium), the gold coated sponge relief was the highest grossing lot a the auction house's Post-War and Contemporary Auctions late last week (Image © AP Photo/Sang Tan, via Boston Globe).

Overall, Christie’s fared well during their latest round of Post-War and Contemporary Art Auctions. With a combined sale of $69,346,950, both evening and day auctions sold within their projected estimates. 158 (63%) of the  249 lots offered sold within or above their estimated range. 49 lots (19.7%) sold below low estimates, and 42 (16.9%) were unsold/withdrawn. While these results fare better than last year’s combined result of $14,486,820 – $12,980,727 (47%) below the low estimate of $27,467,547, the 2009 sales consisted of only 123 total lots.

Read on for our full analysis – Click Lot Numbers for Images and Details Read the rest of this entry »

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Thursday, February 11th, 2010

Sotheby’s Evening Sale Results

Selling for 3,500,000, this 1983 oil by Willem De Kooning was the highest grossing lot at Sotheby's Feb 10. London Contemporary Art Evening Sale

With Sotheby’s February 10 Evening Sale winding to a close in London, the first results are in for this winter’s round of contemporary art auctions. Here’s the rundown:

Top 5 Grossing Lots (winning bids before buyer’s premium):
1. Willem De Kooning  Lot 71: Untitled XIV, 1983 –  £3,500,000
2. Yves Klein Lot 22: F 88, 1961 – £2,900,000
3. Lucio Fontana Lot 38: Concetto Spaziale, New York 26, 1962 – £2,700,000
4. Peter Doig Lot 51: Saint Anton (Flat Light), 1995-6 – £2,500,000
5. Piero Manzoni Lot 58: Anchrome, 1958 – £2,500,000

Highest Grossing Artists (totals before buyer’s premium):
1. Lucio Fontana – £10,140,000 (7 Lots)
2. Yves Klein  – £5,000,000 (3 Lots)
3. Lucian Freud – £4.070,000 (4 Lots)
4. Willem De Kooning – £3,500,000 (1 Lot)
5. Peter Doig – £3,350,000 (2 Lots)

Check One World Art for additional analysis.

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Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

KAWS @ Phillips de Pury’s London Auction


Seminal works by KAWS finally make an appearance in a high-end auction format with Phillips de Pury’s upcoming London  Day Sale of Contemporary Art. After a multi-year drought at auction of this level, KAWS artwork will be offered to the public on February 13. With an estimate of £10,000-15,000 or $16,300-$24,500, the market for the artist will indeed be in the spotlight. There are two lots available, one consisting of a two-piece set of ‘skull’ canvases; the other of baby photographs, disrupted with other signature characters by the artist.

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Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

Bonhams Post War + Contemporary Auction to feature Parla, Banksy

(All Images © Bonhams)

Bonhams will host its fall Post War and Contemporary Art and Design auction next Wednesday, Sept. 23. We are particularly interested in this 2007 Jose Parla painting estimated at £25,000 – 35,000. The mixed media on board piece measures 48 1/16 x 72 7/16 in. with provenance via Christina Grajalaes Gallery in NY, where Parla presented his Layered Days exhibit late last year.

Also up for sale is this 2002 Banksy original canvas measuring 23 5/8 x 19 11/16 in., estimated at £25,000 – 35,000.


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Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

Phillips Launches Auction Series with Now: Art of the 21st Century

(All Images © Phillips de Pury)

Next week, Phillips de Pury will launch a new series of themed auctions of contemporary art and culture with NOW: Art of the 21st Century. The Sept. 26 sale promises to deliver some of “the most exciting contemporary works of art, design and photography to be made since the Millenium and that will come to define our current epoch,” and replaces the former Saturday at Phillips auctions, which were eliminated from the Phillips calendar this past year.

Read on for a look at some lots we’re watching. Read the rest of this entry »

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Friday, August 21st, 2009

Update :: Art Surfaces from Sea No Evil Benefit

Shepard Fairey – Paul Watson, 2009. (All Images © the artists/Sea No Evil)

Just in are these images from the upcoming See No Evil art auction, benefiting the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, who have spent the past three decades protecting and preserving the world’s ocean life. As we previously reported, the charity event takes place next Saturday, August 29th, in Riverside, California. Amongst the most exciting contributions is a new Shepard Fairey original portrait (pictured above), depicting Captain Paul Watson, founder of Sea Shepard and subject of the Whale Wars television series. Other notable contributions include Anthony Lister, Greg Craola Simkins, Dave Kinsey, Glen E. Friedman, Gregory Euclide, Jeff Soto, Logan Hicks, Mario Martinez (Mars-1) and Tim Biskup (see the full list on our previous post).

Glen E. Friedman

For more on Captain Watson and Sea Shepherd, read Raffi Khatchadourian’s 2007 profile in The New Yorker (thanks to Trevor for the tip), which actually portrays the vigilante activist as having utter contempt for the arts:

He regards civilization’s greatest artistic and cultural achievements—from architecture to music and film—as expressions of human vanity, “worthless to the earth.” He sometimes asks people to imagine the outrage that would occur if someone were to destroy, say, the Vatican or the “Mona Lisa,” and he compares that with the indifference that people exhibit toward the mass extinction of plants and animals. “In anthropocentric society, a harsh judgment is given to those that destroy or seek to destroy the creations of humanity,” he has written.

Whether or not this is an accurate portrayal, many prominent individuals within the arts community have rallied around Sea Shepherd. In fact, some of the organization’s biggest financial supporters are well know actors and musicians, including The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Mick Jagger, Martin Sheen, Sean Penn, William Shatner, Edward Norton, and Uma Thurman to name a few.

Want to get on board but not attending the benefit? Donations can be made directly to Sea Shepherd here.

Logan Hicks
Logan Hicks
Gregory Euclide

Sea No Evil Art Show 2009
Saturday, August 29
Riverside Municipal Auditorium
3485 Mission Inn Ave.
Riverside, CA 92501
info: erin@seashepherdartshow.com


Friday, August 21st, 2009

Warhol’s Michael Jackson Canvas Sells

Michael Jackson, Andy Warhol. 1984.

Andy Warhol - Michael Jackson, 1984.

Culture Monster, the LA Times arts blog, announced the recent sale of Andy Warhol’s Michael Jackson 30 x 26 inch painting for over $1 Million USD. Offered at private auction by the Vered Gallery in East Hampton, the painting was last sold for $278,500 USD in Sotheby’s May 13th event. It’s unquestionable that the demise of the ‘king of pop’ is responsible for the sharp rise in value in mere months, but it’s also a sign of a recovering art market. Blue chip artwork remains among the best ‘alternative’ investment options available.

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Thursday, August 6th, 2009

Sea Shepherd Art Benefit to feature Shepard Fairey, Jeff Soto, Greg Simkins, Anthony Lister + more


Anyone who has seen an episode of the enthralling Animal Planet series, Whale Wars, is familiar with Captain Paul Watson and his Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, who risk life and limb to police the world’s waters and preserve marine life, often directly confronting poachers on the open seas. On August 29, the Sea No Evil Art Show will be held in Riverside, California (near Los Angeles), with all proceeds benefiting the non-profit environmental organization. Watson is scheduled to speak and Shepard Fairey (along with donating art) will act as DJ. See below for the full list of 60+ participating artists.

Those not able to attend but who want to support the Sea Shepherd cause can donate directly to the organization or make a charitable purchase of additionally available artwork here.

Sea No Evil Art Show 2009
Saturday, August 29
Riverside Municipal Auditorium
3485 Mission Inn Ave.
Riverside, CA 92501
info: erin@seashepherdartshow.com

Participating Artists: Anthony Lister, Arnold Cornelio, Ashley Macomber, Bwana Spoons, Cathie Bleck, Cali Dewitt, Chivo, Chris Rubino, Chris Ryniak, Greg Craola Simkins, Dave Cooper, Dave Kinsey, Deph, Jose Mercado / Dire, Dustin Ortiz, Dylan Martorell, Fabian Iezzi, Jonathan Garcia, Justin Heathcoat “Faceless”, George Thompson, Glen E. Friedman, Gregory Euclide, Gretchen Ryan, Heather Carlton “Hezaa”, Joshua M. Smith / Hydro74, Iqvinder Singh, Jeff Phillips, Jeff Soto, Jeffrey Pidgeon, Jennifer Becker, Jon Chase, Kevin Christy, Kevin Peterson, Logan Hicks, Lola, Louis Henderson, Madsteez, Marc Hemeon, Mario Martinez (Mars-1), Maxx242, Maya Hayuk, Melinda Read, Michael Muller, Michael Sieben, Mike Stilkey, Munk One, Nathan Fischer, Neko, Oliver Sutter, Peggy Oki, Priscilla Iezzi, Renee Lawter, Renta, Ryan Jacob Smith, Scott Morse, Shaunna Peterson, Shepard Fairey, Six Gun Drums, Steven Daily, Tim Biskup, Travis Millard

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