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Friday, September 11th, 2009

12 Inches of Eric White

Get the Knack, 2009. 12″ x 12,” oil on panel

NY based painter Eric White has garnered much praise for his impecable technical skill, coupled with a near astounding ability to seemlessly navigate multiple artistic styles. For LP, an upcoming exhibit at Sloan Fine Art (NY), White will present series of 12 x 12 paintings based on album covers that pay tribute to the artistic influences in his life, while stirring up nosalgia for a  lost art form. This is White’s second exhibit exploring the LP theme. The first took place this past June at Magda Danysz in Paris

Hot Rats, 2009. 12″ x 12,” oil on panel

Andy, 2009. 12″ x 12,” oil on panel

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