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Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

To Mourn or to Mock?

Image: Kazumi Asamura via Deitch Projects

A tribute to artist Dash Snow, who was found dead of a heroin overdose earlier this month, opens today at Deitch Projects’ Grand Street location. The open memorial includes works of art made by Snows’ friends in his memory, as well as pieces of the late artist’s own art, and invites the public to add their personal contributions during the run of the show.

Anyone who has followed the story knows just how many writters have been quick to praise Snow since his death. Charlie Finch took a moment to pen his own eulogy, which, in a typically bold fashion, presents a more cynical view of an artist that was often criticized during the short-lived span of his artistic output.

Dash It
by Charlie Finch via artnet

Goodbye Dash
Goodbye Snow
You weren’t around
To say hello
Long enough
To say goodbye
All your friends
Will wonder why
It took so long
For you to die
But anyway
You took the plunge
Leaving us
To sift the grunge
And wonder if
You ever were
A stack of garbage
Is your bier
And we are left
To weep and moan
But not for long
Since you are gone

Dash Snow – A Community Memorial runs till  August 15 at Deitch Projects, 76 Grand Street, NYC. Admirers and friends are encouraged to bring flowers, artworks, or writings in memorial. 

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