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Monday, July 27th, 2009

The Rise and Rise of Steve Lazarides

Steve Lazarides – Image: Jorn Tomter/The Art Newpaper

In a recent glowing profile, the Times Online dubbed UK art dealer Steve Lazarides the Jay Jopling of graffiti. With his recent expansion into a third gallery – a five floor townhouse on London’s Rathbone Place –  the comparison is worth considering. In fact, upon the opening of Jopling’s third White Cube space in  2006, the Independent declared him to be “the man who brought – and sold – Britart to the world.”  Many would agree Lazarides has done the same for what he prefers to call outsider art. However, what Jopling did over the span of thirteen years, Lazarides has done in a mere three, leaving one  to wonder if such rapid growth is sustainable over the long term.  Other factors aside, in the end it will be up to collectors of Laz’s staple of artists to decide.

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