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Tuesday, August 5th, 2008

Josh Keyes Vinyl

With so many artists jumping in on the designer toy game, its refreshing to see Josh Keyes imagery being used on the other vinyl – an LP record. Keyes’ art has been fully incorporated into the design of Brad Laner’s (ex Savage Republic/Medicine/Electric Company) new full length, Neighbor Singing, out on Hometapes Records. TAC gives an official nod of appreciation to this independent label, that releases some stunningly designed products, and finds inspiration in joining musical and visual artists together. Other releases include artwork by Evah Fan, Jay Ryan, J. Penry, and Friends With You. With music going the way of digital download, it is refreshing to see a label putting so much care into the pristine, yet undoubtedly financially inviable design of an actual record. In their own words: “We’ve been making things since we were kids, together even then, from every moment we collect. Product architects. Happy just to leave behind something you’ll remember…We engineer products that represent us, our friends/collaborators, and creative everyday life. Sometimes they exceed our expectations and we surely hope they excite yours.”

Truly art for art’s sake...Buy the record here.

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