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Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

A Twist to Conservation

Barry McGee, Untitled, 1996, third SFMOMA installation, 2004. (All Images © SFMOMA)

SFMOMA has published a fascinating interview with Director of Conservation and Colletions, Jill Sterrett, discussing the unique challenges to conserving the art of Barry McGee. As many avid collectors of McGee will testify, the proper method of preservation best suited for the display of his works is often up for debate. McGee’s art typically incorporates non-archival materials such as cardboard, masking tape and cheap found frames with drawings right up against the glass. The museum’s conservation department has developed some interesting, if not unorthodox archival techniques. As seen in these images, their solution also allows for their installation of some 325 pieces to evolve and change over time, maintaining the artist’s intentions and the original aesthetics of his works. The installation is set to be displayed for a fourth time as part of The Anniversary Show (Dec. 19 – Jan. 16)

Read the rest here.

Second SFMOMA installation, 1998.

First SFMOMA installation, 1996.

Thanks to OuterBorough for the heads up.

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