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Friday, December 5th, 2008

Donny Miller::Big 3 Bake Sale


Donny Miller, notorious artist-provocateur extraordinaire, took the opportunity of staging his ‘bake sale’ on the final day of the Los Angeles Auto Show, just in time to save the automakers (who are in Congress again this week). In the video of the installation, there are a range of responses, but don’t miss the surprise ending that is particularly hilarious.

Big 3 Bake Sale from Donny Miller on Vimeo.


The artist’s own manifestation of the events that transpired:

This bake sale was held for the Big 3 American Automakers (Ford, GM and Chrysler) at the 2008 LA Auto Show. $4 dollars was raised. $2 for Ford, $1 for GM and $1 dollar was donated. The donation of a dollar was divided evenly between the 3 companies and sent by mail directly to the CEOs. Ford CEO, Alan Mulally, announced if the US government would loan Ford money, he would work for $1 dollar a year. If that’s the case, I have paid for 2 and one third years as this bake sale yielded $2.33 for Ford. All 3 CEOs announced they would be driving to Washington DC to ask for a 25 billion dollar bailout.

Big 3 Bake Sale
Donny Miller

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